I had my first ever Hypnosis session with Silvina and I must say that it has been a wonderful and positive experience. Not only did I feel changed and improved mentally, but the sessions are also really relaxing and easy to follow. Silvina is always engaged with you, and it clearly shows that she wants you to be the best version of yourself. She follows up with you after the session and supports you during the transition of the new change. I am extremely grateful for the sessions, and I highly recommend her if you want to over come any blockage of fear.

I give her a 5-star rating.

Thank you so much for a wonderful experience.



I started my journey with Silvina to overcome a specific fear however over the past few weeks I have actually achieved more than what I planned and came for.

I am now able to have a clear understanding of how to disconnect and reconnect with myself which is a big part of my self-care journey. Silvina has been so supportive, caring and fully understanding of the challenges I face. She has taken me on this journey with lots of care, and kindness and for that I am very grateful.

I will continue my session with Silvina as she has enabled me to manage stress uncertainties and so much more through her techniques.



The session with Silvina was amazing. Only in one session I felt at ease. I learned ways and techniques to be kind to myself self-love and self-care.
I recommend her and will definitely join her for more sessions.



The sessions are great. I felt so relaxed during the entire session and while doing the techniques it helped me understand my own resources and how I am enough. I have a better and clear understanding on how to visualize a situation before reacting on it because reaction in a positive or negative way can impact wither a person or the cause of the problem.
After the session I feel happy and confident but most importantly I feel powerful and loved. Thank you Silvina.

Katia Kitous


The session have been very useful. I get to understand a lot about myself and the actions I take.
I have learned to reflect on my behavior

Tsneem Haroun


Silvina hosted the corporate wellness workshop at my work place. I was very satisfied with the level of service and personal attention given to each attendee’s issues. The session heled me change my though process for the better. I have learned strategies to better manage stress.

Corporate Wellness

Tripod Mena


After the session I felt relaxed and empowered. The session help me reflect some of my past decisions which were haunting me .I leaned to be kind to myself as at that point those were the right decisions. I leaned to forgive myself and move forward

Corporate Wellness



Silvina conducted the corporate wellness workshop at our office.
The workshop was very knowledgeable. I haven’t attended something similar before, It really taught me to relax my mind and body in the midst of a busy and hectic schedule. Keep doing what you are doing Silvina.

Corporate Wellness

Tripod Mena


I did 3 sessions with Silvina. I honestly feel so different. I feel at peace. I did not feel like this in such a long time. I see myself manage things better with my children and my husband. Thank you so much for all your help .I really feel Charged.

Vanessa Carla Ruiz


I did online sessions with Silvina I am a Cancer conqueror after my cancer treatment I developed a dislike for all healthy food I gave in to my carvings for fried food desserts and sugar loaded drinks this resulted in weight gain.I came across Silvina and Charge Hypnosis and just after 2 sessions I was able to control my food cravings and I was motivated to exercise, during the 3 months program I lost over 30 pounds and feel like a new person full of life and confidence. In my experience Hypnosis is a miracle thank you Silvina for introducing me to this miracle and changing my life.

Jalpa Mehta India


I took online sessions with Silvina. Through our sessions she helped me to identify barriers to staying motivated and introduced me to techniques and strategies on how to stay focused and achieve my tasks planned for the day.

Thank you Silvina

Maria S Canada


I am a health care provider; I did 5 sessions with Silvina for stress release at work. The sessions have been immensely beneficial to reframe my though pattern and reduce the daily work life stress in my profession. I feel confident and more assured of my response to workplace situation and look forward to growing in my career aspirations I have regained creativity, energy, and zest to live my best life.

Thank you Silvina for your guidance patience and great tips to enhance my energy and motivate me to look into new ways of responding to life’s situation. This new habit helps me propel forward with positivity and energy.

Veronica john

Our Services

Quit Smoking

You want to quit smoking ,vaping or e cigarettes yet have your hands reach out to have another one.
Smoking like all other habits is rooted in our subconscious mind unless we align the conscious and subconscious mind we will be in and out of quitting to smoke.
Our Quit smoking sessions help use your desire to stop smoking by cementing that message deep into your subconscious and seal it with reframing your thoughts and desire to smoke.

Stress Release

If your mind has been working on overdrive in pursuit of the perfect work/life balance, there are chances you have accumulated stress. It is only normal to want to regain control of your life but what you really need is a fresh perspective. Our blended approach will help you release your worries and live life confidently and with optimism.


A lack of confidence and low self esteem can make you lose focus of your strengths and weigh you down. With NLP and hypnotherapy, we break down self-negating beliefs and uplift your internal dialogue so you can be the confident, assertive and empowered individual you envision yourself to be.

Regain Control

When you are feeling overwhelmed by daily situations and powerless to overcome them, it may be time for a mind reset. Through simple corrective techniques you will be able to let go of negative unconscious beliefs and take back control of your happiness and confidence.

Weight Loss

Weight and body image issues stem from self-limiting thoughts such as your belief that you can never stick to a diet or keep the extra weight off. What if you possessed a small switch that you could press at will to motivate yourself to eat better, move better and live free? Our approach will help you reframe your perspective so you can move away from issues such as binge eating, unhealthy snacking and eating disorders and enjoy a healthy relationship with your body.
Are you ready to say goodbye to those extra kilos & start feeling great about yourself ?

Habit Elimination and Installation

Habits are automated behaviors that have been ingrained into your unconscious mind through repetition e.g. waking up at sunrise every day or nail biting. While negative habits are difficult to get rid of, it is just as challenging to adopt new ones, especially if they go against old ones. Through hypnosis, the route to breaking and making habits becomes easier, as it works to reprogram your thought patterns that cue habits.

Balanced Childhood

We have worked with children to teach them the techniques needed to live an enhanced childhood, balancing out difficulties such as stuttering, fears and phobias, technology addiction, etc. Children process words differently from adults which is why a parent or guardian would not understand the cause for these unbalanced behaviors. Through hypnotherapy, however, you can give your child invaluable lifelong tools that they can use themselves to overcome personal challenges now and in their adult life.

Inner Child Healing

Your inner child is that part of your self that is still free-spirited and experiences the world with the same raw emotion as when you were a child. But just as your inner child is filled with innocence and creativity it also carries the troubling wounds of your past. They may be from physical or emotional abuse, bullying or a broken family, or any unhappy memory from your childhood that can affect your view of the world today. It may pop up unexpectedly as an overreaction to a simple situation. ‘Reparenting’ your inner child can be useful here to begin a process of healing. You will be able to let go of phobias, repressive thoughts, low self-esteem and many such inhibiting traits and learn to live more joyfully.

Corporate Wellness Programs

Employee wellness and company success are strongly linked to each other. Using a holistic soft approach is key to tackling many workplace-related stressors including public speaking, time management, task delivery deadlines and Most important work life balance. Hypnosis and NLP group sessions can be an effective strategy at ease your employees’ corporate journey and ensure high level of retention ,employee satisfaction and increased productivity.

We offer customized solutions to meet specific needs of your company and employees. In the shape of corporate wellness workshops or daily dose of wellness through short zoom sessions.

Charge Hypnosis & Wellness

Life Coach
Welcome to CHARGE, where we specialize in using hypnotherapy and NLP techniques to help individuals overcome a wide range of challenges and improve their overall well-being.

Hypnotherapy is a proven method for treating a variety of issues, including weight loss, anxiety, depression, smoking cessation, self-empowerment and much more. Our experienced and compassionate therapists use hypnosis to access the subconscious mind and make lasting changes that improve your health, happiness, and paths to success.

Our unique approach combines the power of hypnosis with the insights of NLP to achieve highly effective results, we are able to address the underlying thoughts, beliefs, and behaviors that hold you back and give you the tools you need to move forward.

Are you ready to take control of your life and achieve your goals?

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Silvina Joseph

Self-Empowerment and Wellness Specialist

Hi, I’m Silvina. I’m an NLP-trained hypnotherapist trained & certified from The Master Hypnotist Society Canada. I am established in Dubai and offer services to clients worldwide through our online platform. I specialize in healing through a method that combines hypnotherapy with Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP). This dual approach begins with hypnosis, a kind of guided meditation to delve deep into your subconscious to overcome mental blocks. The process is then combined with positive communication tools from NLP that work together to enable powerful mind shifts and propel you towards your goals and ambitions like
work life balance ,weightloss,quit smoking, stress release and stress management and much more.
Canadian Certified Hypnotherapist and NLP Practitioner in Dubai & Online

What is NLP ?

NLP or Neuro-Linguistic Programming uses language-based interventions to modify a person’s view of the world by teaching them a better way to look at and interact with it. Through positive reinforcement, you can boost your confidence, communication skills and overall quality of life.

What is Hypnotherapy ?

Hypnotherapy involves accessing a person’s unconscious mind when it is under hypnosis. Hypnosis is a natural state of mind that is produced when we are performing activities without thinking about them, such as driving to a familiar route, tying shoelaces, or making tea for example. These daily tasks do not need our active effort, so while conscious mind daydreams the unconscious becomes open to communication. As a hypnotherapist, I utilize this space to alter your thought patterns and heal, bringing you closer to health and wellbeing by using your own natural resources.

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Major Benefits

” Our clients noticed major improvement and benefits in a variety
of daily life routines below are a few areas that saw the most positive impact”


Self Relationship & Self Esteem


Achieving Goals


Work Life Balance


Communication Skills



How Can Hypnotherapy Help You

Self Esteem
Limiting Beliefs
Separation Anxiety
Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

Chronic Fatigue
Pre and Post Surgery
Mental Blocks
Peak Performance
Positive Thinking
Past Life Regression
Separation Anxiety
Obsessive Compulsive Disorder
Fears and Phobias
Permanent Weight Loss
Binge eating
Gastric Band
Negative Body Image

Chronic Pain
Stress Management
Exam / Interview Stress
Concentration Issues

Bad Habits
Anger Management
Speaking in public
Business skills
Finance Aversion
Time Management

Chronic Fatigue
Pre and Post Surgery
Mental Blocks
Peak Performance
Positive Thinking
Past Life Regression